The Croatian company SATURN organizacija i promocija d.o.o. za usluge - (SATURN ORGANISATION AND PROMOTION LTD. FOR SERVICES)

SATURN Ltd., in text as Saturn is a company with the focus on organization of public relations and marketing. The field of activities encompases several marketing activities focusing tourism.

During the period from 1st June 2007 until the end of 2009, Saturn was the official representative of the Österreich Werbung, the Austrian National Tourist Office.

Subsequently Saturn worked closely with Austrian partners in the field of marketing and tourism related public relations. That cooperation resulted to be very fruitful, because Saturn is part of only few companies, or even the only company, that is offering on the Croatian market comprehensive and professional touristic marketing activities for Austrian clients.

In other words: Saturn is creating new business relations and enabling business contacts, for Saturn maintains excellent contacts to the media and the tourism industry in Croatia. Saturn is an excellent service agent and coordinator. The company is dealing with sales promotion and marketing activies. The partners get the possibility to make their own destination, its outstanding characteristics and their trade mark visible and memorable here on the Croatian market. Saturn is your right address as you can profit from its brilliant organization competence and professionality as well as its market expertise. Hence Saturn can arrange any event you might think of at the fullest satisfaction of the clients.

The Austrian partners and companies for which Saturn already organized events, are leading tourism organisations, like the Carinthia Marketing, Graz Tourism, the Tourism Association of Obertauern, Salzburg Tourism, Styria Tourism and many others...!

Saturn is above that playing also an active role in the neighboring countries and is enjoying recognition and renown also in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia.

Saturn is proud of having been a business partner to the marketing agency Superstar Worldwide, a member of the Media Consult Global Network within the prestigious EDEN project. EDEN is a project initiated by the European Commission to select the best European destinations.

Saturn is organizing touristic workshops in Belgrade, Zagreb and Sarajevo as it has best contacts and is at best familiar with the travel industry at place.

Saturn has so far worked with partners from Portugal, Germany and Hungary. Among those cooperation with the following companies: The tour operator JC Tours Portugal, Neuschwanstein Hotels & Events from Bavaria, Germany and the National Tourism Central from Hungary.

Saturn has above all an excellent cooperation with Croatian tour operators, tourism associations and media companies. Saturn is member of the association of Croatian travel agencies and tour operators. (UHPA).

Saturn is part of the leading companies in the field of tourism marketing and public relations for Croatia, Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Saturn is your professional and confidential partner!Saturn is always open for new possibilities of cooperation, new partners, contacts and markets and is always available for a joint realization of your business goals.


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